Simple to Use. Tastes Great. Pets Love It!

ioVet™ Oral is the easiest way for dogs and cats to achieve optimal oral health.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums needs to be a daily event. Humans practice oral hygiene everyday, the same should be done with your pets. Dog and cat periodontal health is as important as ours, so why not use a potent and simple product each day? Pets rely on us to help keep their teeth and gums healthy, so make the simple decision to add ioVet™ Oral to your pets drinking water.

How to use ioVet™ Oral

Once per day in the morning, add 1 ml of ioVet™ Oral to 8 ounces of pet drinking water. (There are 5 ml in 1 teaspoon) Again, ioVet™ Oral should be added to your pets drinking water bowl just one time per day, regardless of how many times the bowl is filled.

Why Use ioVet™ Oral?

ioVet™ Oral is the first ever ready-to-use molecular iodine-based canine and feline periodontal health product. This additive helps support healthier gums and fresher pet breath. Poor gum health is the primary cause of tooth loss and is linked to important systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and arthritis.