Patented Molecular Iodine Formulations, Used in 1,000's of Dental Offices, Now Adapted for Pet Use.

ioVet™ Oral is the first molecular iodine-based product focused on the oral health of dogs and cats. ioVet™ Oral is a product of ioTech International, a pioneer in innovative solutions for periodontal health.

What is Molecular Iodine?

Iotech International researchers, successfully isolated and stabilized molecular iodine, the most powerful iodine species, enabling the creation of a wide range of non-staining oral care products that are far more effective than existing products.

Over the past 5-years, ioTech International products' have been recommended by hundreds of leading dentists to tens-of-thousands of dental patients.

Dentists and dental hygienists rely heavily on ioTech's family of products, ioRinse™ RTU Ready To Use Mouth Rinse and ioRinse™ Professional Concentrate to create long lasting fresh breath and to improve periodontal health. To learn more about ioTech's complete product line-up visit